Truck Tracking Devices

Truck Tracking Devices

How Can Lorry Tracking Be Beneficial For Your Business?

If fleet Lorries or trucks are an essential part of your business and you use them to deliver services or goods to your clients, than the GPS truck tracking devices can do wonders for your business. With the GPS truck tracking devices you will feel as if you were sitting on the driver's seat in every lorry that is part of your fleet. This will enable you to have full control over the movement of your fleet which can help you increase the productivity and have significant effect on the costs for transportation.

Reducing the Cost Of Fuel Consumption

One of the main advantages of truck tracking devices is that they can have huge impact on the fuel consumption. You can monitor many different factors and point them out to your drivers in order to achieve greater productivity.

One of the main elements that can cause increase of the fuel cost is the speeding. That is why it is very important to educate your drivers that they need to respect the speed limit and drive in accordance with the regulations. With the truck tracking devices you can obtain speed information and know if your lorry moves faster than recommended.

Another element that can influence fuel consumption is the time spent in idleness. Sometimes drivers use features that waste the fuel and that can cost you a fortune. With the truck tracking devices you can preset a time frame in which the lorry can be in idle position and once it goes over the approved time, the device will inform you and enable you to take further actions.

Truck tracking devices can also come in handy when you plan the route for your Lorries. Many systems offer you the option to easily locate a lorry and choose the one that is closest to the new job site. In this way you can save a lot of money and you will be able to deliver the services in a shorter period of time.

Correct The Driver's Behavior

Drivers can sometimes be very irresponsible, especially when they are not supervised. They can use the lorry for personal needs and that can cost your company a lot of money. With the truck tracking devices you will not only be able to monitor the movement of your lorry, but you will also be able to check the speed, when the drivers started driving, when they pulled off, and how much time they stayed in one place.

All this information will enable you to have full control over your employees and correct their behavior when needed. You can control their speeding, check how much time they were actually on the road, or how much time they were billing you when the lorry was not moving. Once your drivers are familiar with the type of information you can get, they will be more productive and they will act in accordance with the company's rules. In addition, they will no longer use the Lorries for their personal needs.

Above all things mentioned so far, with the truck tracking devices you can create automatic timesheets that will be more accurate than the manual ones, and can tell you how much time each driver's activity took. These timesheets can also ease the payroll process and make sure that an hour paid is an hour worked.

Your Lorries Will Be Secure and Safe

Truck tracking devices are an excellent way to boost the security of your Lorries. In case one of your Lorries gets stolen, the GPS device can help you locate the vehicle in a very short period of time. Depending on the device you have installed, you might even get an alert that the lorry is in movement, so you can note any unauthorized usage of your fleet.

The more sophisticated truck tracking devices also offer you the option to set an alert that will inform you when the lorry is due for its regular maintenance. The timely maintenance of your fleet will make sure all your Lorries are in good shape and safe to drive.

Improved Customer Service

The truck tracking devices can help you detect your fleet any time at any place. That means that when you get a call you can easily locate the closest lorry and dispatch it to the new location. This will significantly increase your productivity and make a good name for you in the transportation world.

By choosing the most conveniently located lorry you can save a lot of money on the fuel consumption, decrease the mileage of your fleet and be able to complete more jobs than usual.

Different truck tracking devices can offer you a lot of features that will make your services more appealing for the customers. They will appreciate your fast response time and you will be able to check if the lorry arrived on time and when it left the location.

Since the market of truck tracking devices is very versatile in the following points we will focus on the benefits you get from using our services and we can show you how important we can be for the development of your business.

The Difference Between Active And Passive Lorry Tracking

We are a company that offers active lorry tracking. What does this mean? It means that all the data we collect from the GPS of the truck tracking devices is automatically sent to a remote user in pre-defined time periods. Some systems send this data every 60 seconds; others send it over a longer period of time. With this information you can always have the most up-to-date data for the whereabouts of your fleet.

When using a truck tracking devices for passive tracking, the information will be stored in the receiver and at the end of the working hours when the fleet comes back to the main office; the data will need to be downloaded. The main disadvantage with this type of tracking is that the system will be updated in time intervals of 5, 10 or even 15 minutes so you won't get the most current time. Usually if you need to define the location of your lorry at a certain time, additional charges may apply.

In recent years the demand for active tracking has increased and even though it can cost you more than the passive tracking service, it provides more accurate and timely notifications that can be crucial for quick decision making.

Is It Better To Go For A Web-Based Or A Client Based System?

The client based systems consists of GPS tracking device which is installed on your computer. For the software to work you will need to do regular maintenance and make sure it is always up-to-date. In addition, this software can only be used on computers that have the installation, so you will either need to install the software on many different PC's or have a limited number of people working with the GPS program.

We use the internet for dissemination of the relevant information. To access the data you will need your login and password information so you can activate your account. The web based system enables you to check the information every day and or any time, which is very convenient for the type of work you do.

Let's Not Underestimate the Mapping

To be able to detect your fleet at all times, you need to have the most recent and clear mapping. Some truck tracking devices are based on the maps made available by the well-known provides so they can always show the current condition. We have been in cooperation with Google mapping as we want to make sure we always have accurate data for our loyal clients.

The GPS maps have many different features to give you better view on the road. Sometimes you can even zoom in the street and be able to see some very detailed information. Apart from that you can also get information on the current traffic situation and be prepared for any possible traffic jams or delays.

Reporting and Alerts

With our tracking system you can save a lot of time on reports. The system can automate weekly and monthly reports and at your request it can even create instant reports for the current condition.

The data can be classified in different ways so you can get information on each lorry, the daily activity, the speed, when and for how long was the lorry in one place, when did it stop and when did it resume the trip. This way you can make conclusions whether the drivers where respecting the company's policies and act accordingly.

Our system is able to store a great amount of data, so you can basically access the information from the first day you started using the system. The different options of the system enable you to compare the work of your employees, check this data with the company's average performance and see the figures in relation to speeding, mileage, time spend in idle position and all the stops the lorry made.

The system will also alert you of any unwanted behavior or violations of your company's policies so you can take appropriate measures and have control over the situation. The alerts can be sent to your e-mail or directly to you phone.

How To Explain To Your Employees What Is Lorry Tracking?

When you decide to install the truck tracking devices on your fleet, you should make sure your employees understand how the system works and what kind of information it can provide. They need to see this system as a tool that can help them increase their efficiency and be rewarded for their hard work, but also be aware that the system will take note of their improper behavior, if any.

In addition, explain to them that the truck tracking devices will make your fleet safer and they can feel better when on the road. The GPS devices will alert you whenever the fleet needs to undergo the regular maintenance, so you will decrease the possibility of any accidents. And if the worst happens and your lorry gets stolen you can locate it very fast.

The tracking of your fleet will make your customers more confident in the services you offer and they would like to work with you. Also you can handle complains a lot easier and you will not make decisions that can harm your business.

Above all, the tracking of your Lorries will make your business more sustainable and will help your company generate profit. Often companies decide to use the extra money to reward their employees and motivate them to do even a better job.

If you have never heard of GPS tracking, don't hesitate to use it. The truck tracking devices are becoming very popular and very soon they will be an essential part of every business.

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