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Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices UK offers you a wide range of GPS tracking devices that can help you follow any vehicle at all times. We will help you stay within the budget and get an incredible vehicle tracking device that will make sure your car is safe. Every year we witness thousands of cars being stolen in front of their owners' eyes and often there is nothing they can do to recover their asset. However with the vehicle tracking devices you can have a backup plan and monitor your car, van or motorbike wherever they go, so in case it gets stolen you can locate it in a matter of minutes.

Our vehicle tracking devices are made in accordance with the latest technology; they are accurate and incredibly durable so you can be sure your vehicle is in good hands.

In addition to them being suitable in case of theft, they are also convenient for you to be able to know the location of your vehicles and to be able to confirm they are treated with care. By using our vehicle tracking devices you are not only getting high quality equipment, but you also get our full support in time of need. The tracking devices are fit for purpose and cover different usage such as tracking of pets, personal and company vehicles and anything you can think of that needs to be tracked and safe.

If you have any questions in relation to the tracking devices we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are at your disposal for any query you might have.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

Vehicle Tracking

Our vehicle tracking service gives you complete control over your vehicles, enables you to follow the actions of your employees and check your fuel bills. With this you can manage your business better and possibly save some money.

Companies decide to invest in a telematics system due to a variety of reasons one being the need for better organization on both ends; the end user of the tracking service on one side and the clients who benefit from the service on the other. We offer our services to help you in many different ways and give you an idea to improve your business.

- Managing Director

    • Be more efficient and productive in the daily work
    • Build a good company image and promote it to the world
    • Be competitive on the market and attract new clients

- Financial Director

    • Precise and efficient keeping of records for better control over the finances
    • Substantial savings of resources and work force

- Sales Director

    • Set clear boundaries for managing daily sales
    • Delivery of services in shorter period
    • Adding value to the services you offer, better promotion
    • Makes customers feel confident in the services you provide

- Fleet manager

    • Better productivity and more efficient use of resources
    • Easy access to important information
    • Quality reports that summarize the work and point out the areas that need improvement
    • Allocation of responsibilities to deliver better results

- Customer Services

    • Precise reports on the delivery times
    • Satisfied customers, happy customers
    • Attendance sheets
    • Better security both for the driver and the load that is transported

- Sales representative

    • Secure working environment
    • On the road assistance
    • Alarms that protect the content of the vehicle

- Customer

    • Improved customer service
    • Precise time for the arrival of the goods
    • High accountability

- Private car owner

    • Secure the vehicle from theft
    • Monitor the vehicle and prevent unauthorized use
    • Records for the payable tax or expenses that are in line with the mileage

Fuel Savings

It is true that the main factor in the fuel consumption is the type of vehicle you use, but there are many ways that can help you decrease your spending and make your vehicle less harmful for the environment. These are some of the areas that can be monitored to provide optimum fuel consumption:

- Servicing - every year or every 10 000 miles

- Less Idling - turn off your engine when you get stuck in traffic or when you don't move for more than 30 seconds

- Combine trips - plan your trips in advance and avoid unnecessary trips

- Drive Smoothly - maintain a moderate speed and avoid accelerating or hitting the brake heavily

- Stick to speed limits - speed limits are not a suggestion, they are rules that need to be followed. By increasing the speed you can spend up to 15% more than you would if you drive within the limit.

Flexible Contracts

Most vehicle tracking companies work with long term contracts starting from three years or more. In the past we have also been prone to making long term commitments ranging from 3 to 7 years. However, experience has thought us that customers appreciate flexibility, and likes to have the freedom to change their tracking company in a shorter period of time, as often they got stuck in unfavorable contracts. That is why Vehicle Tracking Devices UK has created short term contracts made to meet the needs of our customers.

Here are the options we have for you:

- A possibility of rolling contract with duration of 30 days

- Rental option with minimum time frame of 3 months

- 12 months

- 24 months

This is a great way to see if our services are fit for purpose

Key features

- Short term contracts are especially designed to satisfy the needs of every customer

- Flexible contract length that gives you freedom

- A complete package containing all features and benefits we offer

- Minimal upfront fees for equipment

Tracking Benefits

To run a successful organization that will be able to address every challenge, you need to have good tracking system for your vehicles and assets. They are your tool for delivering products and services to your end-consumers so they should always be productive and secure. How you manage your vehicle can be crucial for your earnings so that is why you need to invest in quality equipment. With our service you will be able to increase the efficiency of your vehicles and monitor every mile they pass. This will allow you to make quick decisions in relation to the movement and timing of your vehicles. The benefits from using our system are visible from day one, including: reduced mileage and lower costs, prevention of unauthorized usage and increased efficiency. Some of the tracking benefits include the following:

- Timesheets that can record working hours, including overtime

- Data that can be used to analyze different trends and increase the fleet utilization

- Reduced fuel costs due to the ability to monitor the journeys and decrease the unnecessary and unauthorized trips

- Have control over the usage of company vehicles at all times

- Be compliant with the Working Time Directive and Corporate Manslaughter legislation using the reliable reports we provide.

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