Covert Vehicle Tracking Devices

Covert Vehicle Tracking Devices

As a businessperson nothing would make you have peace of mind like knowing where all your vehicles are. Here are some of our most efficient covert vehicle tracking devices we are sure will give you the solution to your vehicle tracking needs:

Nomad Real-Time GPS Tracker

If you are looking for a car tracking device that will give your car the much needed protection, then I would suggest that you go for our very best portable Nomad tracker. Looking at the GPS technology you will agree with us that the tracker comes with a number of benefits and will definitely ensure your car is safe at all costs.

Enhance your Nomad GPS' battery life up to six months by simply utilizing our comprehensive pack which comprises of a weatherproof magnetic cover. It is easy to install - simply bolt your Nomad tracker beneath your car with our exceptionally effective magnet and the weatherproof cover.

Sentinel Micro Real-Time GPS Trackers

There is nothing more interesting than having your car fitted with a tracking devices that thieves can hardly suspect. Yes, this is the unique feature our sentinel Micro Real-time GPS comes with. It is exceptionally small and therefore very ideal for your car's security considering that it can be easily concealed.

Our latest model comes with an improved battery life and the set up is very comprehensible and therefore making it a fantastically easy-to use tracking device you can ever find elsewhere. You can simply view the actions on your gadget by simply using the latest cloud-based software which is currently compatible with Mac and PC. What you need to do is fix the gadget on to your car, let it move around and check all the activities of the car through Google Maps by plugging it into your PC.

Improve your Sentinel GPS tracker battery life to six months using our most powerful weatherproof magnetic case. Considering that our sentinel GPS tracker is small, it fits well in to the plastic folder.

iTrail GPS tracker

Thisis yet another small, cheaper option of car trackers in our custody. It is very ideal as it has the capacity to track your car wherever it is and at any given time. Every activity the car makes is reflected on the Google Maps so you know.

On the other hand, the Cruiser is definitely a better option if are thinking of hardwiring a real-time GPS tracking device. You will not be required to recharge the battery. A weather proof, magnetic case will help you attach our iTrail tracker on to your vehicle.

CoPilot GPS tracker

This active GPS navigator that comes with a unique secret feature; thus, it has an in-built tracker. To check all the activities of your vehicles you will be required to log in to your account.

In most cases, our GPS trackers utilize satellite triangulation to establish the actual position of a vehicle. In this case, what you need is fix device wherever on your vehicle and the tracking device will begin monitoring and recording all the activities of the car including its precise position.

GPS Loggers

These work in such a way that they keep the records of your vehicles activities. This is advantageous since you will have time to check the details later. You can make use of a program such as Google Earth to keep track of your vehicles real position and possible stops address among other details by simply plugging the tracker in to a PC.

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