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Your car is not just a machine but a walking box of private moments and sweet memories. Now, that is something you can't just let anyone walk away with. It is a treasure trove of all things that have brought you where you are in life, and have made you who you are. We here at (Insert Company name) believe that although there isn't a price on those memories, the safety of those memories must come at a reasonable price. If you love your peace of mind, you won't be able to say no to our cheap tracking devices.

Have you ever had those nervous breakdown moments when you felt your car was stolen or missing? Imagine nonchalantly tracking your vehicle instead of panicking and calling emergency numbers on your phone. All that is now possible at low and reasonable cost as (Company name) is here to your rescue. We have experience with tracking devices that show accurate geo-locations all across UK.

Now, with great accuracy comes a great price, right? Right? Well, no. Our tracking devices are cheap and accurate. The technology is now possible at a very affordable price and there is no reason you shouldn't get one for your car now. The range of devices we offer are all up-to-date and empowered to track your vehicle down to its most accurate location. Long gone are those days of frustration and despair.

Product 1 (Include name and price)

This cheap tracking device has sold like hot cakes ever since its launch. It is not just a tracking device but a power packed piece of technology. It establishes an uninterrupted link via satellie so that your vehicle may be out of sight but can never go out of reach.

The GPS and GSM technologies built inside its compact exterior keep your car safe and you can keep track of its every turn with the motion sensing technology. Not just that, the device has a pan European coverage. If the worst happens and the car goes missing, the device can deploy the tracking services to quickly recover it. There is absolutely no hassle involved. Oh, and there is a three- year warranty with the product. Yes, (insert product name) has earned its accolades.

Product 2 (Name and price)

Our premium product, this tracking device comes loaded with features and advantages. It is approved by Jaguar, BMW and Landrover (insert approving authorities names) and is fit to be installed in cars of all sizes and shapes. It is compatible with all makes and models and also has a special 'insurance approved' feature. If you upgrade your vehicle by installing this tracking device, your insurance company would offer you a discount on the premium.

The mastship of our fleet, this product offers you many more advantages. Across UK, whererver you are, our qualified engineer will come and install this product in your car. The added advantage of installing this unbelievable cheap tracking device in your car is that there are zero installation charges.

Product 3 (Name and price)

Now, this is the show stopper in a parade of all cheap tracking devices and has incomparable facilities built in at an amazing price. Approved by (insert car company names), this tracker works like a charm.

All across Europe, your car is safe with this device. It also has a Thatcham approval and makes tracking cars and containers parked underground sound like a child's play! Not just cars, this one is even effective on caravans and trailers. It fits well in all car models of all companies.

Please feel free to click around and find more about cheap car tracking devices. In case of any difficulty, just give us a call on (insert phone number)

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