Portable Vehicle Tracking Devices

This section will help you pick out the tracking devices for vehicles which suits your needs. Various levels of compactness and portability are required for various needs. Pick your category and start shopping


- Car tracking devices - These devices are deployed in cars and with the aid of GPS and motion sensing, they help in tracking their most accurate possible location based on data received via satellite.

- Asset tracking devices - In case you need to dispatch a valuable asset like a locker inside a trailer or moving vehicle, these devices can be used to keep a track of the movement and trace its route.

- People tracking devices - There are some important people who need tracking and there are devices available that can gauge their precise locations thus avoiding risk.

- Subscriptions - Certain devices run on subscriptions and have a fee for data usage and storage.

- Data security services - Data theft is a major problem in today's day and age. Data can be kept secure with the use of up-to-date software.

- Child safety services - Some kids require regular monitoring and the risks associated with their free movement can be negated via specific tracking controls. This service can also be employed for VIPs.

- Home or Office Security - Controls of electronic locks and computer passwords also need some sort of security. Tracking details of their usage can prove to be valuable.

- Miscellaneous tracking devices - There is a plethora of different everyday utilities which require tracking. Specialized trackers can be made for them.

Your One Stop Solution To Tracking And Security.

All the past movements of your vehicle can now be recorded with our movement sensor technology. Also, breathe easy because the real-time data of your vehicle's movement is also available through our amazingly low priced device. The stealth mode is always on with our compact trackers which hide in the vehicle and send you the most reliable data. We here at (company name) believe in simplicity and that's why our devices have an external single switch and a charging port. No frills attached! Aided with strong magnets, these devices can be stuck to the underside of the vehicle or any other corner you desire. Whether you are a private eye, an individual businessman, an auditor, a fraud investigator or a bailiff, you can put our devices to good use and ensure security of your goods and vehicles.

The portability and compactness of our asset tracking devices is unparallel and unmatched. As a result they are extensively used with large valuable packages sent by logistics companies and also inside small briefcases and bags for investigative purposes. High-priced electrical items can be transported with these small and almost invisible devices safely. TV journalists can use asset trackers to unveal large scale frauds associated with donations given to charities. The movement of clothes and other packages can be easily traced and the credibility can be verified. From uncovering large scams to tracking an individual, these devices are unlimited in their scope.

Personaly safety is a major concern for people who work alone till late nights, teenagers and VIPs. Personal tracking devices developed by our company bring a huge relief to our users. Their functionality and dependability makes them indespensible security devices for certain people. Not only can we track people with these small devices, we can also take emergency measures required to send quick relief in hours of need. Your one move can avert a crisis in the future. Go ahead and try our cheap range of portable devices.

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