Electronic Tracking Device

Electronic Tracking Device

Being a reputable company in UK that specializes in the recovery of stolen vehicles, we provide car tracking solutions to all our clients without any kind of discrimination.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

Why risk losing your vehicle when you can safeguard it against theft? With UK Vehicle Tracking Devices, the most reputed company that specializes in the recovery of stolen vehicles in the UK, at your service, you are in the safe hands. Ours is none other than to keep sticky hands off your vehicle. We know you bought it for a purpose and losing it to someone else would be suicidal. So pay us a visit to get an electronic vehicle tracking device that will ensure its safety.

Tracking Solutions for Fleets

More often than not, individual car owners and companies find themselves paying exorbitant fuel bills. Well, since we know what it feels to pay for what you did not use, we have taken the initiative by ensuring that you receive full-time reports on the movement of your fleet of cars. With our state-of-the art tracking system collections, you will be guaranteed of low fuel expenses or more still get a refund of your money.

Getting stolen vehicles to their rightfully owners is our priority. To get a clear picture of the amount of work we have done in terms stolen vehicle and asset recovery as well as the number of arrests we have so far made, visit us at UK Vehicle Tracking Devices today!

UK Vehicle Tracking Devices

We have in operation for over two decades, providing top level security solutions to all our clients without biasness. Besides, we provide fleet monitoring services to the corporate world too, making sure your entire fleets of vehicles remain safeguarded, regardless of their usage. Once our electronic tracking device is fitted into your car, you can rest assured that not only is your vehicle insurance accepted, but the device is our very own cherished, unmatched technology.

UK Vehicle Tracking Devices is enjoys full backing from all law enforcement agencies in the UK, hence the surety that should your car go missing, the authorities are right at your service. With an electronic tracking device, chances of ever getting back your stolen car are heightened. This can be argued in a verse that our tracking device does not only provide you with the needed network, but the latest car tracking technology as well.

New Cars

We understand the amount risk new cars have in terms carjacking and that is exactly why we at UK Vehicle Tracking Devices provide exclusive security systems for new car drivers. A considerable number of cars find themselves into the wrong hands every day across Europe, making car theft an authentic security concern, especially so if the vehicle you own looks more desirable. Did you know there are certain vehicles brands that most car thieves won't hesitate to lay their hands on, so it is good get it fitted with a car tracking device just to ensure it remains secure.

Some top-class car thieves may attempt to block an activated car tracking device signal using scramblers. However, with an electronic tracking device in place, your car's safety is guaranteed since our cutting edge technology employed on tracking device makes it hard for scramblers to block the signals once it has been activated. One important point to note is that these device s are not limited to GPS signals, hence a sure way of guarding your car should it be stolen. You will need to be keener if you have a new car and the only way of ensuring this is by letting us get you an electronic tracking device that suits your needs.

Additional Safety

We ensure that our tracking devices are concealed, making it hard for carjackers to discover. Once you report your car as having been stolen the electronic tracking device is rendered active allowing us to alert the police by relaying signals. This gives them ample time to locate and recover your car. Using our well developed network coverage in Europe you can still recover your car even if it is smuggled out of the country.

Personal Car Tracking

UK Vehicle Tracking Devices enjoys good relationship with the police in the UK, a thing that has made us stay on the frontline in the recovery of stolen vehicles as well as providing long term solutions appertaining to car tracking problems for over two decades. Regardless of whether you are trying to lower your fuel costs and insurance premiums, buying a desirable car or keen on ensuring security for your vehicle, we have the ability to assist.

Business Car Tracking

Regardless of the size of your business and the vehicle models you use ranging from small cars to heavy farm machinery, you rely on us to help you save not only time, but money as well.

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