Motor Vehicle Tracking Devices

A motor vehicle tracking device is becoming a necessity in the modern day UK. It is not just an easy way to track your car anytime, it is also a technological upgradation that buys you mental peace. Motor theft is a flourishing crime and we'd have liked to believe that it is on the decline but the news stories say otherwise. In such times, you need your car safe and secure and a vehicle tracker device is the easiest way to do so. Moreover, they help you win the trust of your insurance agencies thus, giving you added insurance benefits.

Family members including children and teenagers deserve the safety of a tracking device. Not only is it sleek and discreet, it also scores quite high on the cost versus benefit analysis chart. Plus, its GPS technology is quite efficient and tamper-proof.

Usually any transition to good technology is tedious. Well, not in this case. This one arrives in a safe package and you can start using it right away without looking for lengthy instructions and learning to use intricate software. Our devices have the set the bar for the phrase- 'user friendly'.

GPS Devices With Magnets.

The charm of these devices is in their switchability. You can use them for different vehicles and monitor your cars.

If you are letting your young ones drive, these trackers can help you know if they are driving at a safe speed and are following traffic rules.

GPS Devices Wired To The Vehicle

(insert product name) can be used for long term tracking. It just sits in your car at a hidden location and sends continuous details about location and movement. It is a basic requirement for official vehicles carrying important documents, cash, assets or people.

The installation takes hardly 10 minutes and is done on the spot by our trained engineers.

Special App Features

The app for the device can be easily installed in the phone like any other regular app. Of course, you may also use your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Once it is fired up, you can use it to track the speed, direction and precise location of your vehicle.

You can also create fences on the map which shall correspond with the locations where you don't want your vehicle to go. In case a parked vehicle leaves your premises as marked on the map or if someone takes your vehicle and enters a territory you don't want your vehicle to go, the vehicle will be identified as 'outside safe zone' and alerts would be sent to you electronically.

These alerts will help you in taking quick action and grabbing hold of the situation instead of repenting once the car is gone.

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