Small Tracking Devices

Small Tracking Devices

If you are looking for sophisticated trackers that are barely noticeable but can deliver outstanding results, then look no more! We have some of the best small tracking devices that can help you locate your vehicle, assets or loved ones at all times. Every tracking device has built-in motion detectors that can give you accurate and real time location of the subject you are tracking. Depending on your preferences we have different tracking device that best fit your needs.

What makes our trackers stand out from the crowd is their compact design that is very simple to use. The entire technology of the device is packed into a strong enclosure that has external single switch and port for charging and it can be used even by people that don't have the slightest idea how these devices work. The outside of the GPS tracking devices is equipped with two magnets which are incredibly strong and durable and allow you to firmly attach the device onto your vehicle without having to worry that it might fall off. Their design and functionalities have made them number one choice for many fraud investigators, Bailiffs private investigators, company audit departments and private individuals that need a reliable device that can help them locate a certain vehicle whenever they need.

Apart from the tracking devices for vehicles we also offer Asset Trackers that can be an excellent tool if you want to protect your valuable goods or packages. These are very small tracking devices that can fit into any package and you won't even know that they are there. They can even be attached to some electrical items so you can ensure they will arrive at the desired location. Their design is something that makes these small tracking devices especially popular with the logistics companies that use them to track their valuable shipments. In addition the small tracking devices have also been used by many TV stations for the needs of their reporting shows usually when they want to track things like waste or charity clothing. These devices have also been used to uncover a huge fraud involving con artists from UK and Europe. The asset tracking devices can fit into any briefcase or bag, so if you need to track somebody, you can hide the device without having to worry that you will get caught. =

As part of our offer we also have personal and VIP GPS trackers which are mainly used for the safety of some lone-workers, teenagers or VIP's. What makes these devices so unique is that apart from the tracking option, you can also set them to send emergency notification in case the tracker user is in danger. =

Here is a short list of everything our company has to offer to their loyal customers, so they can feel safe at all times:

Car Tracker Devices

A large range of car trackers that can be attached to any vehicle and ensure its safety anywhere and at any time.

Asset Trackers

Small tracking devices which can easily be placed into any area, making sure your assets are well protected.

People / VIP Trackers

Specialized trackers designed to detect the location of people that are in higher risk of being attacked, lost or even kidnapped.

Tracking Subscriptions

Most trackers we offer require subscriptions in order for you to be able to use them.

Data Security

Don't let yourself fall victim to an identity theft. Protect your personal information and secure your data with some of the options we offer.

Child and VIP Safety

Effective tools that can protect your child wherever it goes, that can also be used to track VIP's and ensure they are safe from stockers or obsessed fans.

Security Solutions

Our experience in the field of security solutions has made us experts in providing high quality products that will keep you safe both in your home and office.


We offer a large range of trackers that can be used for many different things such as tracking vehicles, children and even assets.

For more information on the security options we offer, please feel free to contact us.

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